Heat wave breaks records, hot temperatures continue through Friday

SEATTLE — Three record-high temperatures were broken across western Washington on Tuesday.

In Seattle, the 2018 record high of 92 degrees was broken with a high of 94.

In Bellingham, the record high of 86 degrees set in 1988 was broken by Tuesday’s high of 90.

In Olympia, the 1998 high of 96 degrees was broken by one degree for a record high of 97.

Most of the remaining records for the week appear to be safe so far.

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  • Staying hot through Friday
  • Cooler at the coast (70 degrees!)
  • Seasonably warm by the weekend


Morning Low: 66

Afternoon High: 92

Active Watches, Warnings, and Advisories:

Heat Advisory: Until Friday at 9 a.m.

For the lower Chehalis Valley, Western Whatcom County, Hood Canal Area, Southwest and Western Skagit County.

Excessive Heat Warning: Until Friday 9 a.m.

For the east Puget Sound lowlands, Central and Eastern Washington.

After setting new records in Seattle, Olympia, and Bellingham Tuesday, I’m not anticipating any new records to be set for the remainder of this week, that’s the good news. The bad news? The dangerous heat continues throughout most of the state and depending on where you live, well, that will determine how hot it will be.

Temperatures in the 90s continue to be the trend around the lowlands of Puget Sound and in surrounding areas. But as you head east of the Cascades, temperatures begin to creep into the triple-digits with places like Wenatchee nearing 110 degrees!

Excessive Heat Warnings and Heat Advisories will remain in place through the rest of the week because this weather poses such a serious threat to people without access to air conditioning.

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Excessive Heat Reminders:

  • Stay hydrated
  • Stay cool
  • Avoid outdoor activities during peak hours

If you must be outside:

  • Wear loose, light-colored clothing
  • Drink water
  • Stay shaded
  • Know the signs of heat-related illnesses/stroke

*Excessive heat is the number one weather-related death in the U.S*

If you’re hoping to beat the heat on Wednesday, look no further than our coastal regions.

Due to onshore flow (sea-to-land breeze) coastal places like Ocean Shores will not exceed the 70s. We’ll see 70s inland soon enough, but before we get there, we have our last 90-degree day on Saturday, mid-80s on Sunday, and then 70s going into next week.