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After controversy over ban, Point Ruston will allow Mexican food vendors at Tacoma Farmers Market

In a statement Wednesday, Point Ruston said they have reached an agreement that will allow select Mexican food vendors at Tacoma Farmers Market.

In a Facebook post on Saturday, the Tacoma Farmers Market said they had recently received a directive from the Point Ruston Owners Association (PROA) to discontinue selling “Mexican-style food.”

The Tacoma Farmers Market said they have responded to PROA to “negotiate a solution,” but the recent decision had an immediate effect with two vendors: El Güero and Burrito Boy.

In an Instagram post, El Güero said they received a huge amount of love and support since Saturday, suggesting customers reach out to the PROA to vent their frustration with the decision.

The Tacoma Farmers Market said they had no part in the directive but were compelled to comply while discussing a solution with the PROA.

“We are deeply saddened by this abrupt news and apologize to the vendors and small businesses owners this affects as well as our market community that seeks out their food offerings at our Sunday Market at Point Ruston,” the Farmers Market post concluded. “We are doing our best to represent and advocate for the small businesses owners and vendors that we host at our market!”

According to the original statement from Point Ruston, the situation was a “misunderstanding” and was “not something we take lightly.”

The “misunderstanding” revolves around exclusivity contracts Point Ruston has with Taco Street, which includes exclusivity for Mexican cuisine.

Wednesday’s statement from Point Ruston said they have worked with Taco Street that will allow El Güero and Burrito Boy to continue to sell food at future Sunday Markets in Point Ruston.

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