Growing coyote problem sparks fear in Beacon Hill neighborhood

Members of the Beacon Hill neighborhood are fearful of a growing wildlife problem.

Residents say urban coyotes are terrorizing the neighborhood by attacking their dogs and approaching their children.

KIRO 7′s Gwen Baumgardner went to Beacon Hill to hear residents’ concerns.

“I just looked out my front window and happened to see a coyote walking up the street,” said one resident.

Baumgardner mentioned that coyotes aren’t just in Beacon Hill but that there have been sightings across the city.

However, these incidents have turned into more than just sightings as coyotes have started attacking local pets along the Chief Sealth Trail.

“Two dogs got attacked, one was injured pretty bad,” said a resident. “And there was a border collie that got attacked too.”

There have been multiple stories highlighting how dangerous and at times aggressive coyotes can be, said Baumgardner.

Parents at one elementary school recounted how a coyote came too close to young students.

“The coyote was there around the fence where the kids were playing, nipped at one of the kids,” said a parent.

Attacks against humans are incredibly rare, but the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife writes, “Urban coyotes are a good reminder to keep a close eye on children, chickens and other domestic animals, and small pets.”

So, what’s the best way to protect yourself from a coyote?

Wildlife experts suggest making yourself “as big, mean, and loud as possible.” They suggest even going as far as shouting the phrase “go away, coyote.”