Puppies training to be guide dogs take a ride on King County Metro

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SEATTLE — Over a dozen puppies training with Guide Dogs for the Blind (GDB) got to ride the bus on Friday.

The puppies and their trainers took a short trip around Seattle starting at the Space Needle, as the dogs learned how to keep calm and settle on buses. The goal was to help acclimate them to the stop-and-go routine of public transit, so that they learn not to get up and leave just because the bus has stopped.

GDB is based out of San Rafael, Calif., operating as the largest guide dog school in North America.

We spoke to one volunteer on Friday who described why she decided to get involved with the organization.

“I love getting to hang out with puppies, and watching dogs get to help other people is awesome,” Jennika Stokes told KIRO 7. “It’s really good to know that you’re changing somebody’s life.”

Dogs will typically live with their “raisers” while they train.

“It’s a lot of work, it’s just 24/7 working with our puppies,” Stokes added.