Grace period ends for Washington state's distracted driving law

There will be no more warnings for Washington state drivers who hold their cellphones.

Starting Monday, the grace period ended on the updated distracted driving law.

Washington State Patrol educated drivers for six months in an education mode rather than a citation mode.

The law bans using cellphones, tablets, laptops and video games while driving.

If caught, drivers can get a $136 ticket for the first offense.

A second offense will cost $234 if it occurs within five years.

Additional behavior that interferes with safe driving, such as grooming, smoking, eating or reading, could result in a $99 ticket if a driver is pulled over for another offense.

Fatalities in the state caused by distracted driving increased 32 percent from 2014 to 2015, according to the Washington Traffic Safety Commission.

The new law was put into effect to help make roads safer.

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