Gov. Inslee pushing for state constitutional amendment supporting abortion rights

Abortion rights supporters are again taking to the streets to protest the U. S. Supreme Court decision reversing Roe versus Wade.

This, as Governor Jay Inslee promises to fight to enshrine abortion rights in the state constitution.

A smaller crowd Saturday night, but still plenty of passion from protesters wanting their voices heard about a decision that will affect the lives of millions of Americans.

A crowd marching through downtown Seattle is still angry after Friday’s historic reversal of Roe versus Wade, and is now spoiling for a new fight.

“RiseUp4AbortionRights, we are calling for safe, legal abortion nationwide,” insists Margo Heights, protest organizer. “And we are saying that this decision is illegitimate and it cannot stand.”

“Mike Pence and the Republican Party have a plan to take away this right from Washington women,” thundered Gov. Jay Inslee (D) Washington. “And we intend to stop them and we intend to stop them right here.”

It was a fiery Jay Inslee, vowing to take a major step to ensure no matter who is in power in this or the other Washington, the right to an abortion would remain legal in the Evergreen State.

“Accordingly, I will be asking the legislators to pass a constitutional amendment under our state’s constitution to protect women in our state,” he said, to loud applause.

Inslee’s declaration comes a day after the U.S. Supreme Court overturned the 1973 landmark ruling granting abortion rights to women.

At the Washington Democratic Party’s bi-annual convention in Tacoma on Saturday, U.S. Senator Patty Murray also highlighted her commitment to protecting abortion rights in the state.

“We need 52 Democratic Senators and a Democratic House to get my bill to protect abortion rights to President Biden’s desk,” Murray said in her speech. “The alternative — letting today’s extreme GOP gain more power, take away more individual Americans’ rights, and weaken our democracy further — is unacceptable… We are going to stand up and fight back with our voices and our votes — to protect the right of every woman to make her own health care decisions.”

“So, today I am celebrating the news that Roe v. Wade has finally fallen,” said a smiling Kristin Monahan of Progressive Anti-Abortion Uprising.

The court’s decision is a cause for celebration for those who have long opposed abortion.

“It’s like we’ve been doing so much for so long that it’s finally like we get to breathe now,” said Monahan. “We finally have the beginning of freedom.”

But the decision sparked protest marches and rallies, too, here and across the country, many hundreds, fearful of what comes next.

In the hours after the ruling, nine states immediately banned abortions, a dozen others are likely to prohibit or restrict abortions, including Idaho. Washington, Oregon and California are among just 21 states where abortion remains legal.

“Our state has to be a sanctuary state for other Americans who simply need to access medical care,” said State Sen. Manka Dhingra, (D) Kirkland.

Now she and other Democrats are urging those who support abortion to make their voices heard at the ballot box.

In a statement, Seattle Mayor Bruce Harrell says SPD will not enforce the criminal laws of other states that violate the laws here.

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