Good Samaritan helps two kittens burned in The Jungle homeless encampment

On Monday afternoon, a Good Samaritan brought in two burned kittens to the Rainier Veterinary Hospital.

The kittens were injured in Monday’s fire at The Jungle, the homeless area under Interstate 5. The Jungle has been a problem for more than 25 years. It has been the site of multiple homicides and fires, and some city officials will not enter without a police escort.

The kittens were found with skin burns and corneal ulcers, and their nose and ear tips are burned.

"The positive news is that they are responding well to pain medication and are eating and drinking —very good signs," a Facebook post from the Rainier Veterinary Hospital read. "Plus, the kittens seem to be breathing normally, and their lungs sound OK.

“Soon, we will be taking X-rays to see if the kittens’ lungs sustained any damage from the smoke inhalation. Our focus is to minimize the pain of the kittens while keeping the medical bill as low as possible for the Good Samaritan who is paying for all of it.”

Staff wrote that the kittens were stable and resting comfortably Tuesday afternoon. They planned to post additional updates.

People who want to support the Rainier Veterinary Hospital can reach them through their website.