Former SPD commander accused of regularly napping in office on the job

A former Seattle Police Department commander is accused of regularly napping in his office on the job, according to documents from the Seattle Office of Police Accountability.

According to OPA’s investigation, an anonymous complaint alleged that the commander had been sleeping in his office over a period of four months. The complaint also alleged that the man had brought in window-darkening blinds, a sleeping cot and a mattress to the office.

OPA conducted a visit to the man’s office, and photographs confirmed that he had brought in the blinds, sleeping cot and mattress.

According to OPA, the original complaint stated that “the men and women of the Seattle Police Department are risking their lives everyday answering calls for service during the worst staffing crisis this city and department has ever seen, and this commander is taking naps while this happens. The men and women of this department and the citizens of Seattle deserve better.”

OPA agreed with the complainant, stating, “(the employee) was projecting a visible image to his fellow officers and those he was meant to lead that he was sleeping in his office on a regular basis. Such behavior in this context is unprofessional and undermines trust both within the Department and in the public eye.”

The employee retired in February before he could be discipled by the department, OPA said. OPA then requested that he voluntarily participate in an interview, which he denied.