Former Seattle cop being investigated for conduct as Uber driver

A former Seattle police officer is being investigated for “unlawful imprisonment” for alleged conduct when he was driving for Uber.

Peter Leutz was fired by Seattle police in 2015 for inappropriately contacting women he met while investigating crimes and texting them hundreds of times. He later worked for Uber, but does no longer.

According to documents filed in King County Superior Court, Leutz drove a female passenger around Seattle for an hour last December, talking "about the various crimes he investigated." The woman "stated several times she needed to go home" but Leutz "continued driving,” according to the documents.

It’s also alleged that Leutz texted the woman "over the next several months.” The case was reported after the woman believed Leutz tried to get into her apartment building.

Background checks used by Uber do not show dismissals from prior employment.

Civil matters don’t appear on the Uber background check. Also, according to the Washington Administrative Code, inquiries concerning convictions and imprisonment that either don’t relate reasonably to job duties or didn’t occur in the last 10 years aren’t considered justified by business necessity.

Details regarding pre-employment inquires is available here from the Washington Administrative Code.

"While technology helps ensure the speed, dependability and safety of our rides, people matter most to the Uber experience -- that's why we do not tolerate harassment or abuse from drivers or riders," spokesman Michael Amodeo said in a written statement. "This individual was immediately barred from driving with Uber as soon as we learned of the alleged incident, and we have offered our assistance to law enforcement in their investigation."