Federal Way fire victim says she was burglarized while out of her home

FEDERAL WAY, Wash. — A Federal Way woman displaced by a fire on Dec. 10, made a heartbreaking discovery when she was allowed to return to her home at the Crestview West Apartments.

Roxanne Reeves said she found her place had been burglarized after returning two weeks later.

Reeves shared a video showing the aftermath of the fire and also showed a video showing a ransacked unit, which thieves appeared to have been hit.

“When I went inside and saw the apartment and the way it looked, I’m like oh, no way,” said Reeves.

The video shows her clothes strewn everywhere, including some other personal belongings that were rifled through and tossed about. She said some items were stolen, including her jewelry.

Dog food was also dumped into her sink.

“It’s awful, awful. I couldn’t believe it,” Reeves said.

Although the flames from the fire never reached her apartment, her unit was smoky, and she thought she would be able to salvage her belongings. However, she said anything of value was destroyed or stolen.

Reeves was upset and questioned how something like this could have happened.

“You got us kicked out, I mean burnt out or whatever. I can’t go in there because you say it’s not ready to be but somebody went in there and evidently could breathe long enough to get, cause they went through my house. They went through everything and that takes time,” she said.

Reeves said she has had to pay out of pocket for a hotel room since she has been out of her place. She also said she is living on a fixed income and is struggling to rebuild her life.

“I couldn’t believe that somebody would want to do that to somebody else that just had a fire. It’s like, wow! What is this world really coming to because that’s just messed up.”

KIRO 7 reached out to the Crestview West Apartments regarding the incident but has not heard back.