Family seeks answers in double homicide in Lake City

SEATTLE — A family is seeking answers after a 39-year-old woman and her boyfriend were found shot to death last month in Lake City.

Seattle police initially thought this might have a been a homicide-suicide because the door to the apartment was locked, but they quickly figured out the two people inside were murdered.

Now grief-stricken relatives want to know who killed them and why.

Lisa Lynette Kelsie is surrounded by the flowers.

“It’s really, I mean, it makes me sick, you know,” said Kelsie. “It really does.”

The flowers are from the memorial she held Sunday for her only daughter.

“I feel an emptiness, a loneliness that I’ve never felt before, you know what I mean?” said Kelsie. “It’s like a part of me is gone. She is my only baby, my only baby, my only one.”

Maria Lynette Freeman Camara, 39, was visiting 51-year-old Juan Anthony Brooks. She lived in Stanwood, but on Saturday, Aug. 28, she was staying with Brooks in his Hillcourt apartment in Lake City. Kelsie says she watched news reports the next day about the murders.

“I said, ‘that’s Anthony’s building,’” said Kelsie. “I didn’t know that she was there.”

Her father stood outside the Hillcourt apartment.

“Maria was a very loving person,” said Matthew Freeman, his voice breaking. “She would always give me a birthday card on my birthday.”

He doesn’t believe she was the shooter’s target.

“My daughter, she wouldn’t hurt nobody,” said Freeman. “She’s a good person. And I just think she was in the wrong place at the wrong time. My heart is broken. My heart is broken.”

“Now I got my two grandsons,” said Kelsie. “So, I’m happy for that.”

Still, her mother’s heart is broken, too.

“Now that the memorial is over, out of respect for my daughter, I just need to find who it,” said Kelsie. “Because she deserves and that somebody needs to pay, even though it still won’t bring her back.”

Now they are asking anyone who knows anything about these murders to call Seattle police.

They say their daughter deserves justice, and they deserve to know.