Everett Police Department hits back against catalytic converter thieves

EVERETT, Wash. — As thefts of catalytic converters skyrocket, the Everett Police Department will soon put on an event to prevent future crimes.

Project Cat Con ID will happen on Saturday, Aug. 21.

As part of the program, people in Everett will be able to get their cars’ vehicle identification numbers engraved on their catalytic converters.

In the process, police hope to eventually spot stolen catalytic converters a lot faster.

“We recover them all the time, but there is no way of tracking them,” said Officer Kerby Duncan. “This will allow us to know who they came from and know that they were stolen, because many people claim they’re not stolen.”

Everett police are the first department in all of western Washington to have a program like Project Cat Con ID.

Within two hours of announcing it on social media, the entire event was already booked up.

“I didn’t know what the public response would be and I was thrilled to see how quickly it filled up and people were excited about it,” Duncan told KIRO 7.

Police are now working to have more Project Cat Con ID events in the future.

Additionally, as catalytic converter thefts spike across the state, they said they’re already hearing from other police departments.

“If we’re doing something great and other communities follow suit, whatever works for everyone is the best,” said Duncan.

To learn more about Project Cat Con ID, click here.