• Everett man recovering after attacked while trick-or-treating with his kids

    By: Siemny Kim


    Police are searching for the group of young men who attacked an Everett father while he was trick-or-treating with his children.

    Dustin Conklin suffered a fractured eye socket, broken teeth, and had to get stitches on his face.

    "What were they thinking? Why?” asked girlfriend Tara Casady. “There is a family in front of you. There's kids. People are trick-or-treating,” 

    Casady said it was around 8:30 on Halloween night. They were with their two children, 2 and 5 years old, at 24th and Rainier in Everett -- when a group of young guys sitting on the corner started yelling vulgar things.

    Conklin told them to knock it off.

    “The next thing I know, my boyfriend said ‘I have two kids. I just want to go home. Please leave me alone. I just want to go home.’ He repeated that a couple of times,” Casady said.

    She said the group wouldn't stop.

    “Finally he turned around and told them, ‘(Expletive) off. Leave me alone. I’m with my family trying to go home,'” Casady recalled. "And then all five dudes came out of nowhere and started hitting him, from that corner they just jumped out of nowhere and started hitting him.”

    But even after Conklin was taken to the hospital and police got on scene, Casady said her troubles haven’t ended because she doesn't feel police are doing enough.

    “Since I can’t describe the people or tell you who it is, they can’t do nothing about it,” Casady explained.

    Officer Aaron Snell with Everett PD said officers searched the area, but they just don't have much to move forward.

    “At this point in the investigation we don’t have much suspect information to go on,” Snell explained. “The officer took the information he had and attempted to do the best he could at the time.”

    Casady admits Conklin had been drinking alcohol but she insists his attack was unprovoked.

    Casady just wants to make sure the attackers are caught and that they never hurt anyone else again.

    “Anybody who seen what happened can come say something so my boyfriend gets justice,” Casady said.

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