Everett City Utilities double-bills hundreds of customers

Everett City Utilities will meet with its vendors to find out how nearly 500 of its customers were double-billed last month.

The utility company says they're working to reverse the charges.

It may take two or three days to finally fix after they send notes to banks notifying them of the mistake.

Some people were double-billed more than $100.

The problem with Everett City Utilities stems back to one type of customer.

Those who were double-billed for October paid through their website or by phone on October 20.

The utility said that 485 people fell into that group and some have been waiting for more than a week to get those charges reversed.

Everett City Utilities says they're meeting with their payment vendors Tuesday to fix the issue

“What we think we know is a data file containing all the billing information for October 20th was transmitted two times instead of one time,” said Kathleen Baxter with Everett City Utilities.

For some customers, the delay in getting a reversal could cause financial problems. In that case, Everett City Utilities says call them and they'll see if they can work something out.

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