Missing dog from Dog Resort fire found alive after falling off on-ramp near Lumen Field

Remi, one of two missing dogs from Tuesday’s fire at The Dog Resort, has been found alive.

KIRO 7 has confirmed Remi was found near Lumen Field, after falling 50 feet off an on-ramp. He is in critical condition.

The owner of The Dog Resort tells KIRO 7 she will cover the vet bills.

Allison Scarborough is living through every dog owner’s worst nightmare after a fire broke out at a doggie daycare facility where her two dogs were staying.

“I got a phone call from WSDOT that they had found my dog dead on the side of I-5 and I needed to pick up her body,” she said.

Scarborough is on vacation celebrating becoming cancer-free but news that her dog Georgie was killed and her dog Remi was missing, has left her heartbroken.

“I was panicking and trying to get a hold of someone, nobody picked up,” she said.

Scarborough said she was notified of her dog’s death by the Washington State Department of Transportation and not, ‘The Dog Resort’ in SODO where she left Georgie and Remi while she was out of the country.

“I called them to say, ‘I just got a phone call my dog is dead. What’s happening and where is Remi?’ And they were unaware she had been killed, Georgie had been killed, and they had no updates on Remi,” she said.

Scarborough said the community was helpful in locating Remi.

The facility has been tight-lipped about the whole incident. KIRO 7 has reached out to the owner multiple times and the owner wouldn’t take any direct questions but did say she was focused on dealing with the situation.

Other dog owners, like Ben Lowy, who have boarded their pets at the facility, said they weren’t told anything about the fire.

“It’s pretty frustrating, especially considering that this is not the first time this has happened for this company,” Lowy said.

Back in February, ‘The Dog Resort’ in Lake City also burned. Lowy used to take his dog Mushu there and was going to board him for the coming holidays at the SODO location.

“I can’t imagine sending him back to a place where, sounds like the first fire was due to a lint build-up in a dryer, but I feel like two strikes is probably two, too many,” Lowy said.

KIRO 7 also learned that at least two civil lawsuits have been brought against the company dating back to 2011. Both lawsuits claim negligence of the company and that the plaintiffs were allegedly bitten by dogs at The Dog Resort.

One of the suits was dropped because the plaintiff in that case died and his family no longer wanted to pursue it, however, KIRO 7 is still waiting to hear back from the other law firm on that suit.

As of Thursday morning, KIRO 7 has confirmed that one dog, North, is still missing.

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