Seattle firefighters respond to fire at dog daycare facility in Lake City

SEATTLE — When a fire broke out at a doggie daycare in Seattle’s Lake City neighborhood on Wednesday, workers scrambled to get 115 dogs out of the building.

Isaac Walker, a worker at The Dog Resort, said he initially tried to extinguish the fire that began in a dryer, then immediately worked with his colleagues to evacuate the dogs.

“We literally had to grab them all out the door. I’m not going to say throw them, but we had to get them out quickly,” Walker said. “There was no time to play around. It was scary, it was definitely scary, but we got them all out.”

Just after 11 a.m., firefighters arrived to contain the fire and helped corral the dogs.

The Seattle Fire Department said a few dogs had to be given oxygen, and four were taken to a nearby veterinary hospital.

With most of the dogs running loose, people who work at nearby businesses jumped in to help.

Along with animal control officers, they grabbed the dogs and brought them indoors or to the gated area of a neighboring business.

A King County Metro bus took some of the dogs to another pet care facility for a reunion with their owners.

Dog Resort workers said all of the dogs were accounted for.

On Thursday, the Seattle Fire Department investigators ruled the fire accidental, saying it started in a dryer and extended to the rear of the building.

Estimated losses were $300,000.