Dog on 520 Bridge leads police on crazy chase, owners found

SEATTLE — A small dog led police on a crazy chase as it ran through traffic on the SR 520 Bridge Monday morning.

The dog was first spotted in the eastbound lanes near Foster Island in Seattle Washington by Washington State Department of Transportation cameras at about 7 a.m.

Troopers believe the dog got onto the bridge at 84th and went all the way across the bridge.

Video showed two state troopers stopping traffic and trying to capture the dog and bring it to safety.  But as a trooper appeared to be about to catch the growling animal, it darted away at the last second.

The dog then ran the wrong way up the Lake Washington Boulevard ramp. A trooper and a WSDOT vehicle then backed down the ramp the wrong way in an effort to catch the dog.

A car came up the ramp, but stopped when it saw the dog and the trooper.

The chase then went off camera, but WSDOT said the dog ran into the bushes and disappeared.

Though the dog snapped and growled at a WSDOT worker during the chase, no one was bitten.

Animal control eventually found the dog around 10 a.m. and took it to the Seattle Animal Shelter.

On Tuesday morning, a shelter official said the owners, who have been out of town and had left the dog with some family members, came forward via email.

They said they had just moved to the area ten days ago and are hoping to be reunited with their dog Tuesday.

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