Disturbing footage captures violent outburst inside Pierce County youth detention center

Disturbing live-streamed footage capturing a violent outburst inside a Pierce County youth detention center has emerged, shedding light on the state of Washington’s rehabilitation facilities for children.

The Tacoma Police Department has authenticated the post that’s been circulating social media. Monday night, TPD deployed officers to Remann Hall after receiving reports of juveniles trying to fight staff. In the video, we see one of the children use a chair to break through glass and taunt law enforcement.

This video surfaced just one day after seven teenagers broke out of the Echo Glen youth detention facility in Snoqualmie. The state claims one of the seven teens repeatedly punched a female staff member before dragging her into a cell and fleeing in her car.

Mike Yestramski is president of the AFSCME Council 28, the Washington Federation of State Employees, which represents state workers in Washington, including Echo Glen’s staff. Staff at Remann Hall are also represented by AFSCME and are part of Council 2, which represents Washington’s city and county workers.

“When a crisis like this happens, a minute is like a lifetime, someone can die,” said Yestramski. “The events of this past weekend have shown kind of more of a spotlight on these issues.”

Yestramski contends Echo Glen management under the Washington State Department of Children Youth and Families continues to fall short.

“People come in, they get assaulted at work, they’re not being given breaks, they’re being forced to work double shifts back-to-back,” said Yestramski. “At some point, a human body can only take so much. People burn out.”