Details released of domestic violence call deputy died responding to

Demecies Craver was already wanted on a bench warrant for a previous domestic violence case when deputies were called to an assault in Parkland on Saturday. Pierce County Sheriff’s Deputy Cooper Dyson died when his patrol vehicle crashed as he rushed to the scene to back up a deputy locked on a violent struggle with Craver after he allegedly assaulted his disabled 6-old sister.

“Threatened to kill police, physically fighting. Used a Taser on this guy and a bunch of other different types of ways to try and get him subdued and it wouldn’t work,” said Pierce County sheriff’s spokesman Detective Ed Troyer.

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According to charges filed in Pierce County Superior Court, the 22-year-old Craver could be heard on the initial 911 call claiming he had, “hella weapons” and laughing about assaulting his sister. He continued fighting even after being hit with a Taser telling deputies to, “kill him,”, “shoot him,”, and that “he just wanted to die.”. Investigators say he attacked a K-9 used to try and subdue him , “putting the dog in a headlock/ choke hold and laid on top of him." The animal later had to be revived.

Sheriff's spokesman Troyer said the violence of the situation was the reason the 25-year-old Dyson was trying to get to the scene as quickly as possible.

“Cooper Dyson was on the way, he was going to be the backup to help the deputy that was at this call, and unfortunately we know that he didn’t make it and he lost his life,” said Troyer.

Dyson was the father of a 2-year-old and his wife is pregnant with their second child. The department set up a Legacy Fund to help the family. Donations can be made by following this link: http://www.tpcrimestoppers.com/case.php?id=1566

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