Crews searching for Greenwood hiker, dog missing near North Bend

NORTH BEND, Wash. — UPDATE: A Seattle woman who disappeared with her dog nearly three days ago from a popular trail on Mount Teneriffe is alive, according to King County Sheriff's Office.

Search and rescue team made "voice contact" with 40-year-old Kimberly Haines on Thursday afternoon. Read our new story here.

Story from earlier in the week: King County search and rescue teams are looking for a 40-year-old Seattle woman and her dog who are lost on Mount Teneriffe near North Bend.

Crews searched Monday night for missing trail runner Kimberly Haines who was with her dog, Rainy. She is from the Greenwood neighborhood.

Haines was reported missing by her family at about 6 p.m. Monday after she didn’t return home.  She had never been to the mountain before and is not familiar with the trails.

Haines' family, who is at the trailhead, said she is very fit and is a marathon runner.

Searchers are concerned about the hot weather but say there are some streams in the area.

A command post for rescuers has been set up at the trailhead parking lot, where her car was found and she was last seen, as the search continues Tuesday.

About 40 volunteers, some on ATVs, are searching for Haines, and items from inside her car were used to give search dogs a fresh scent to follow. Horses are also being brought in so searchers can cover more ground.

Crews said they will be able to search all of the trails in the area today.

Anyone who sees Haines or her dog is asked to call 911.