Covington couple trying to track down family in recently discovered photos

COVINGTON, Wash. — Kristina and Matt Juarez were both immediately drawn to a vintage photo of the Seattle skyline.

“We both grew up in the area so I thought it was kind of a unique picture since the city is changing so much over the years to have an iconic shot of Seattle with the mountain in the background, the Kingdome,” explained Matt.

They bought it at Renton's Goodwill four years ago. But it's been sitting in storage ever since they moved into their Covington home last year.

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“The other day we pulled it out and I got curious. I wonder if there's a date on the back or if there’s any information on this photo in the back of this picture,” Kristina added.

So, Kristina started taking it apart. And discovered that all along, hidden behind the Seattle skyline picture, were these family portraits.

“I was surprised when I found the first one and I was really shocked when I found the second one,” Kristina said.

It's the same family of four in both portraits. They appear to be taken a few years apart. In one, the mother's hair color is blonde. And the kids look a little older.

“Matt said throw it on Facebook. See if somebody knows these people. You know, the power of Facebook,” said Kristina.

“We figured they were local maybe since they were stuffed behind the Seattle photo,” added Matt.

There's a letter “C” written on the duct tape on the back of one of the pictures and also a “C” written on the frame, but not much else to go on.

Kristina and Matt are just hoping to return these precious pictures.

“It's the holidays. It's a special family time of year,” said Kristina.  “I think it would be really special. I would be touched if I had somebody contact me and said we have old family photos of you as a kid that you've never seen. I think that would be really cool.”

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