Could a Sonics team find a home in the Tacoma Dome?

TACOMA, Wash. — Could a Sonics team find a home in the Tacoma Dome?




The city of Tacoma first looked into housing an NBA team in the Tacoma Dome several years ago. But the recession put a feasibility study on the back burner.

Now Tacoma mayor Marilyn Strickland says the time is right to look into the possibility again.

"Of course the events that took place in Seattle over the last few days about what happened with the street vacation turned attention back to Tacoma," said Strickland. "I've received some emails from folks, some phone calls saying, what about the Tacoma Dome?

Using the dome for NBA games isn't a new idea. The Sonics played there during the 1994 to 1995 season while Key Arena was being renovated.

Strickland says upgrading, or even replacing the Tacoma Dome to accommodate an NBA and NHL team would require a financial partnership between the city and backers.

"I really do believe that it your build an arena that attracts a sports team there has to be some kind of public investment. But the question is how much and what will the public think is fair."

The dome has some advantages that could work in its favor. It sits right off Interstate 5, it's a block away from a Sounder train station, a Sound transit bus center, and a Link light rail station.

But Strickland says right now the odds are slim. “I would say it’s a long shot.”

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