Convicted martial arts child rapist sentenced to 5 years in prison

VIDEO: Convicted martial arts child rapist sentenced to 5 years in prison

A King County judge sentenced a martial arts instructor to five years in prison after he pleaded guilty to three counts of child rape.

“I felt safe with him even though he was hurting me so much and I didn't even realize it,” said one of Morrison’s victims.

Robert Morrison was someone children confided in and parents trusted. Victims said that's how he got away with his crimes for so long.

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"He was a great mentor, a great teacher, just like a father to me. I trusted him with everything, all my secrets,” said a victim.

Morrison owned Lee's Martial Arts in Renton. Investigators said he carried out a years-long sexual relationship with a then-15-year-old girl.

KIRO 7 isn’t releasing the victims’ identities to protect their privacy.

"I can't rid of that image, of my baby being raped,” said the victim’s father.

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Morrison was emotional as he apologized to her in court Thursday.

“I know that sorry is not enough. Words can never be enough,” Morrison said.

He also admitted to sending nude pictures of himself to three other teenage girls. They were all his martial arts students.

“What I did was horrible, wrong and inexcusable. I've known that since it began,” Morrison said.

His family asked the judge for a second chance.

"A person can live their whole life the right way and with one mistake and single lapse of judgment it can ruin their entire life,” said Morrison’s ex-wife, Wonderful Morrison.

"My dad deserves the SOSA and the least time allowed so he can make a better path for himself,” said Morrison’s daughter.

Although many victims said they forgive Morrison for what he did, they all said they'll never be the same.

“I was young, I trusted him, and he took advantage of me,” said a victim.

Morrison isn’t allowed to be in contact with the victims for seven years.