Cleanup efforts underway after king tides lead to flood damage in Edmonds

EDMONDS, Wash. — King tides caused major flooding across Western Washington.

In Snohomish County we saw dozens of vehicles submerged in the floodwater, as well as people trying to brave those elements. The good news is much of that water has receded.

“So right now there’s pretty high tides,” said Casey Kildall who came to fish in Edmonds.

But nothing compared to what folks in Edmonds saw Tuesday.

“It was pretty exciting. The waves were crashing up and over the wall,” said Mark Murdock, who lives in Edmonds waterfront area.

“There was probably a foot-and-a-half of water coming into the marina here, and it was for the whole block almost, and cars were driving through, they hadn’t closed the road yet,” Kildall said. “I drove through it, my car made it, barely.”

“I have never seen it this high, never,” said Sue Ellen Blacknall, who walks by the waterfront almost every day.

Now that the water has receded, cleanup efforts are underway.

“Right now our crews are out cleaning debris and sand from the roadways. We’re inspecting for potholes,” said Kelly Snyder, director of Snohomish County Public Works.

With the constant rain and wind, public works crews are concerned about trees and limbs coming down on power lines.