Volunteers band together to clean up Seattle streets following riot

SEATTLE — Sunday morning, volunteers could be seen throughout Seattle scrubbing graffiti off buildings, boarding up smashed storefronts and pressure washing stubborn spray paint.

"This isn't Seattle. Seattle people don't do this,” said Rita Swanson.

Rioters might have tried to ruin Seattle, but volunteers made it clear destruction isn’t welcome on their streets.

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“It's a beautiful thing. It's the community coming together and helping each other, showing each other who we really are, and, I think, that's really what needs to be shown right now, — that we're bigger than that,” said Nicolai Quezada.

Groups of people gathered in Westlake to wash walls, pick up debris and cover up vandalism.

"I think we're measured by how well we respond to things like that, and this is America to me — everybody coming out and helping,” said Ryan Shirley.

Many couldn't sit still after watching peaceful protests turn violent.

"I was crying probably most of the night watching the news, seeing the streets that I walk nearly every day and knowing that there's some people out there willing to destroy that,. tThat really broke my heart,” said Carly Birkey.

This is why many people said it was important to gather together on a weekend morning to reverse the damage that was done.

For some, it even became a family affair. Zach Daniels brought his 5-year-old daughter, Mia Daniels, downtown to help with the cleanup.

"We want everyone to know that black lives matter, and we're here to support our community,” said Zach Daniels.

"It takes all of us doing one little thing. And if all do one little thing, that makes one big thing, and we can change the world,” said Katrina Dohn.