City of Seattle holds first public hearing on $1.45 billion dollar transportation levy

SEATTLE — Today the Seattle City Council listened to the public on the proposed $1.45 billion dollar transportation levy that is set to address a lot of issues with public streets, bridges, etc. Mayor Bruce Harrell proposed the levy earlier this month, making this the largest proposed levy in the city’s history.

Greg Spotts with the Seattle Department of Transportation says this is about getting ahead on infrastructure and making the right investment.

“To maintain and modernize our streets and bridges. So that we can get the life cycle that we want to get out of these assets and improve them and make them relevant as Seattle becomes more populus and more dense,” Spotts said.

A few people spoke to the city leaders in person and nearly a dozen tuned in online. One person KIRO 7 spoke with says she would like to see an improvement with city sidewalks and streets. She also hopes the city will use the money like they say they will use the money.

“Besides paying for it, that it really makes Seattle accessible…accessible to people. All people,” Allison Warp said.

City leaders will consider this proposal along with the public’s input before voting on whether or not this will be on the November ballot. The next public hearing is set for June 4.

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