Chateau Ste. Michelle invites you to brave the cold in their cozy igloo village

WOODINVILLE, Wash. — In Woodinville, you’ll find a winery that’s made a name for itself from coast to coast.

Chateau Ste. Michelle can be spotted by their castle architecture, detailed landscaping, and large vineyards. This year, they want to enhance your wine tasting experience outside by stepping into one of their igloos!

“Super warm and cozy not only do we have the fireplace outside, the Adirondack chairs you can sit outside around the fire, we have a lovely sunken garden, you have the heater in here you have blankets with your wine and food right in the middle,” Chateau Ste Michelle Senior Manager of Wine Education Lauren King said.

It all comes down to the experience with the igloo village, where you can stop by with a group of five or 10. There’s plenty of space, blankets, food, and drinks for everyone and every occasion.

“Not only the time and the space, but in the smaller igloos you get two full bottles of wine and you can select from a list we have for you, as well as a charcuterie board,” King said. “In our big igloo you get four bottles of wine and two charcuterie boards with it as well.”

So even though you may not think of getting a table outside the next time you’re out in 20 or 30-degree weather this winter, Chateau Ste. Michelle wants to change that!

Make reservations for the igloos through February here.