Caught on camera: Armed prowler has a Seattle neighborhood on edge

SEATTLE — An armed prowler caught on security camera video earlier this week in Seattle’s Beacon Hill neighborhood has residents on edge.

It happened near 15th Avenue South and South Holdgate Street. In the video an armed man can be seen prowling a vehicle. At one point in the video, he points his gun directly at the camera.

Neighbors believe this is the same man who later broke into a nearby home. When the resident of that home yelled, he was calling the cops, the suspect took off.

When police arrived, they arrested a different man for allegedly stealing tools from another home. As far as neighbors are aware, this armed prowler has not been caught, and that has them concerned for their safety.

“Some neighbors have installed more security cameras, more flood lights and I guess more alarms and what not just to prevent anyone who is lurking in the back and doing the same and breaking in,” said Tiberiu Vilcu, whose camera caught the armed prowler.

KIRO 7 has reached out to Seattle police for an update on the case and we are waiting to hear back.