Bothell hit-and-run victim plans to testify against accused cop killer

VIDEO: Bothell hit-and-run victim plans to testify against accused cop killer

BOTHELL, Wash. — The scooter driver allegedly struck and injured by the suspect in the death of a Bothell police officer said he plans to testify against the suspect in a future trial.

On Monday, July 13, Jalen Irvin and his friend were riding on Lime Scooters in Bothell, when out of nowhere, a car barreled toward them.

He said he had just seconds to react.

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“First thing I thought is, ‘If I land wrong, I’m probably dead,’ but at the same time, I didn’t know what else to do,” Irvin told KIRO 7.

The impact sent Irvin flying 50 feet away. Despite the crash, he said he never lost consciousness and remembers the whole incident.

“All I saw was the sky, and I knew my arms were up, and my legs were down — and I had spun so much that my pants were at my ankles and my shirt flew up to my chest,” he said.

Within seconds, Irvin’s friend was helping him. Soon, though, they were shaken again, this time by gunshots.

Less than a mile away, prosecutors believe the suspect who struck Irvin, Henry Eugene Washington, also shot and killed Bothell police Officer Jonathan Shoop.

“Hopefully, he’s not coming for me, or anyone else around me,” Irvin thought.

It was only later that Irvin said he found out just how tragic the situation truly was.

“As soon as I found an officer was killed, that was went through my mind because I didn’t feel anything was necessary for that,” he said.

Doctors say Irvin has six to eight months of recovery ahead of him.

Yet he said he plans on making two stops in the near future.

First off, he plans on dropping off flowers at Shoop’s memorial in Bothell.

He said he also wants to face Washington in a courtroom.

“Hopefully, I’ll see you in court, and that’s the last time anybody sees you,” he said to Washington, who faces charges of murder, assault and fleeing from police.