Boeing trying to launch into era of more fuel efficient aviation

SEATTLE — Boeing is trying to launch into an era of more fuel efficient aviation.

The company has developed a plan that could change one of the main criticisms of the industry - planes burning too much fuel.

Boeing says that this plane with its eco-demonstrator is taking technology out of the labs and testing it in the sky - it’s all to make Boeing’s planes more fuel efficient but there are other environmental factors being considered, not just saving on fuel.

“This 737 MAX has sustainability at its core,” said Bill McSherry, VP of government operations for Boeing.

A fuel efficient future with a lower carbon footprint will fly with Boeing planes someday but before that happens, it’s going to take experimentation to see if it works.

KIRO 7 got a behind the scenes look at a plane which will fly and produce the data needed to make the jets more eco-friendly.

The jet is also testing out sustainable fuel made from bio-waste. Bio-waste is currently too expensive and not in mass production but could be someday.

The jet will also collect greenhouse gases in at atmosphere for measurements by NOAA.

With aviation manufacturing being a key part of the local economy, Boeing says experimentation will ensure that plans built here are on the cutting edge.

All of this is being done in partnership with Alaska Airlines with Boeing’s goal of going to zero emissions in factories by 2030.