Bellevue Police Department launches new tool to keep 911 callers informed about their cases

BELLEVUE, Wash. — Next week the Bellevue Police Department says it will launch a new fully automated engagement tool that will keep 911 callers informed about their cases.

The new SPIDR Tech system will send out texts or emails after someone calls 911. Those updates will include if the police response has been delayed, along with contact information for the responding officer and other related information.

After the case has been closed, the system will prompt a service survey that will be sent to the police department.

“We are here to protect and serve, and we want to make sure our community is getting the best service possible,” said Chief Wendell Shirley. “SPIDR Tech will ensure crime victims have the important information they need as their case progresses, and we receive valuable information to better evaluate our performance.”

The system also allows all citizens to receive news and updates directly from the police department’s communication team.

To start receiving updates from the Bellevue Police Department, text BPD to 425-517-3574.

“We want to keep our community informed about what we’re doing and the cases we are solving,” said Shirley. “Opting into our communications is an excellent way to stay connected.”