• 3 popular beaches open after earlier sewage spill

    By: KIRO 7 News Staff


    Three popular beaches in King and Kitsap counties reopened Monday after 3 million gallons of sewage mixed with stormwater spilled into Puget Sound.

    The spill was caused by a power outage at the West Point Treatment Plant in Seattle.

    The closures remained in place as temperatures soared the last several days, and people who headed to some beaches were disappointed to see they were not supposed to have contact with the water and should avoid fishing and shellfishing

    “Having clean pure water is near and dear to our hearts, because it's where we live.  So, you want to make sure you're protecting that resource,” said Karen Norton, who is visiting from Michigan.

    King County sent out a news release Friday saying a quick response during the power outage prevented flooding at the plant.  Workers sent "an estimated 3 million gallons of stormwater mixed with wastewater into Puget Sound through an emergency outfall pipe for 27 minutes,” a spokesperson for the Department of Natural Resources and Parks Wastewater Treatment Division wrote in the release.

    In Kitsap County, Fay Bainbridge Park, Indianola Dock, and Joel Pritchard Park reopened Monday.

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