Around the Sound: Scooped Ice Cream Festival kicks off at the Seattle Center

Scooped Ice Cream Festival kicks off this Saturday at the Seattle Center! You can expect ice cream from local and national brands, a total of 75 different flavors!!

“We really worked hard to make sure we have very unique flavors and work with local brands - like Full Tilt - that have amazing unique and fun flavors like vegan, and so we’re definitely leaning towards the more unique flavors,” Treadway Events producer Brittany Hummel said.

This is a festival local ice cream businesses look forward to all year. Shops like Full Tilt Ice Cream in White Center are busy prepping for the crowds this weekend.

“It’s been 12-hour days, not only are we doing this festival, but it’s the busiest time in general and so we’re trying to keep up with our own stores and other scoop shops that sell our ice cream,” Full Tilt Ice Cream owner Justin Cline said.

The time you get in depends on the type of ticket you buy. If you’re feeling a little impatient, dish out $75 and skip the line with a speed scooper pass. If not, you can purchase a $35 ticket, but it’s first come first serve.

If you’re planning out your weekend, be sure to save room for some dessert and satisfy your sweet tooth in a unique way.

“It is a nice little break from the craziness of All-Star week if you’re not super into baseball, but you come with someone who is, you can take a break and have some ice cream while they watch some baseball.”

In addition to ice cream, you can enjoy a variety of food, and live entertainment all day! It’s not too late to buy your tickets, you can purchase tickets here.