Amazon fulfillment center coming to Bremerton

VIDEO: First Amazon fulfillment center coming to Kitsap County

In about nine months, a massive lot near Bremerton National Airport will be turned into Kitsap County’s first Amazon fulfillment center. A 117,000-square-foot building will go up creating jobs for as many as 200 people.

“This offers that job that they’re possibly traveling 40-50 miles a day for, this offers that job right in our backyard,” said Bremerton mayor Greg Wheeler.

The announcement is being greeted as good news on the Kitsap Peninsula.

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“I think that bringing people jobs here is really important,” said Sierra Lucas.

In a statement emailed to KIRO 7, an Amazon spokesperson said, “We are excited to expand our network into Kitsap County to speed up delivery times for customers, and provide great job opportunities for the talented workforce.”

Wheeler says the fulfillment center could also help create two jobs for every one person employed there including delivery contractors and services that will be needed by Amazon employees. The city has quietly been in talks with Amazon for months but was only able to make the announcement this week because of confidentiality agreements.

Wheeler said Amazon's decision could mean an expansion of the Bremerton National Airport. It's already been mentioned as one possible location for new freight and commercial flights to help ease congestion at Sea-Tac.

“It’s a logical fit for me,” Wheeler said. “If it’s not exactly today, it will be in our future.”

The fulfillment center is tentatively scheduled to open in October of this year. Wheeler said he did not know when the hiring process would begin.