• 91-year-old concentration camp survivor hikes to Camp Muir Mt. Rainier


    A 91-year-old concentration camp survivor hiked to Camp Muir on Mt. Rainier -- unassisted.

    Bronka Sundstrom’s achievement is extraordinary given her age and difficulty of the climb, according to blogger Darryl Abrahams.

     “It was a tough and dangerous journey,” Abrahams wrote under his blog name, SOBO HOBO. “And Bronka performed excellently.”

    Sundstrom -- a legend on Mt. Rainier - did the hike from Paradise to Camp Muir and back on June 29.
    She hiked over fifty times to Camp Muir in one season with her beloved husband, Aki, before he died.

    Camp Muir's elevation is 10,080 feet and it is the gateway for most climbers planning to summit Mt. Rainier. 
    Many on Facebook call Sundstrom an inspiration.

    “Bronka is a concentration camp survivor, having endured the horrors of Bergen Belsen during the Second World War,” Abrahams wrote. “She shows that not only can people survive unspeakable suffering, they can go on to achieve great things.”

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