70-year-old Tacoma woman attacked, robbed in backyard

TACOMA, Wash. — A Tacoma great-grandmother is recovering after being attacked and robbed in her own backyard. The attack happened early Monday morning in East Tacoma.

Bobbie, the 70-year-old victim who asked us not to use her full name, had just returned home from playing midnight Bingo in Fife.

The attack was caught on camera. Bobbie, who uses a walker, is seen coming out of her garage. The suspect sneaks up behind her and grabs her bag. The victim struggles, the strap is wrapped around her arm. She is knocked to the ground, hitting her head and shoulder on the way down. The suspect ran away.

"It scared me, when he grabbed, I turned around and I did call him a few choice words," said Bobbie. "I'm going to die, that was my first thought. I thought I was going to meet my maker." She is thankful he didn't have a gun or a knife.

The victims' son first shared the video hoping someone recognizes the man who hurt his mother. He says she is badly bruised and had to go to the doctor on Tuesday.

Bobbie told KIRO-7 she felt violated.  She also feels a little smug. The bag the robber stole didn’t have any money in it. It was full of daubers, used to mark bingo cards.

"I laugh and I'm very hilarious over this because all he got was daubers, bingo items, there's nothing in the bag worth anything," said Bobbie.

Tacoma Police are investigating the incident.

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