3 crashes involving teens in stolen cars happen in less than 2 days

SEATTLE — On Wednesday morning, there was another crash involving teens who were driving around in a stolen car.

This comes just a day after there were two similar incidents in Black Diamond and Arlington.

“Just don’t do it,” said Meghan Thomas.

People are pleading with teens to stop and think about their actions.

Around 6 a.m., Seattle Police closed off South Spokane Street and First Avenue Street to clear a wreck.

Investigators say five teens were traveling in a stolen Kia.

“I think stolen cars (are) kind of out of control and teenagers really kind of need to get their acts together,” said Thomas.

Detectives say the suspects approached a man at a bus stop in West Seattle, took his backpack and drove off.

Police say the suspects drove to SoDo and ended up crashing into a car, causing the Kia to go up in flames.

Thankfully, investigators say no one was seriously injured. Officers arrested four suspects, all under the age of 18.

“Teenagers think that they have their whole lives ahead of them, they can’t do anything wrong, and for sure that’s not true,” said Thomas.

This is the third incident in over 24 hours in which teens driving a stolen car caused a horrible crash.

On Tuesday, Black Diamond police say a teen was killed and two others suffered life-threatening injuries after they crashed into a tree following a carjacking.

And in Arlington, three teens attempting to steal two cars almost hit an officer.

“We are aware that across the country and in King County there have been increased crime among juveniles,” said Mandy Kruger with the City of Arlington.

“Lives are at stake and there’s innocent people on the road, you know just take into consideration other people that are driving, especially when you’re driving without a license or driving under the influence it’s really not worth it,” said Thomas.

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