3 bills pass Washington House that could protect animals, alter makeup sales

Three bills have passed the Washington State House of Representatives that are aimed at protecting animals.

Pasado’s Safe Haven is an animal rights organization that works with lawmakers on new legislation.

According to the organization, these bills are now making their way to the Senate:

HB 1961/SB 6214

This bill aims to add animal cruelty in the first degree to the list of ranked felony offenses in Washington State. Republican Representative Sam Low is sponsoring the bill.

HB 1097

“This bill prohibits the sale of cosmetics in Washington state if any ingredient, or the final product itself, was subject to new animal testing,” said a spokesperson with Pasado’s Safe Haven.

HB 1012

This bill would create a grant program to provide animal-friendly shelters and transportation when under-resourced communities are impacted by extreme weather or wildfires.

To track the progress of each bill, click here.