Mother killed, others injured in Tukwila head-on crash

Mother killed, others injured in Tukwila head-on crash

Credit: Tukwila Police Department

Tukwila police have identified the woman who was killed in head-on crash Monday night.

Police said a driver crossed over into oncoming traffic in 12000 block of Tukwila Internationl Boulevard and struck Amairani Uribe-Beltran's vehicle head-on. She died at the scene and her infant son, who was also in the vehicle, was critically injured.

Investigator said he is responding well to treatment.

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The driver and passenger in the other vehicle were seriously injured in the crash. They were taken to the hospital.

On Thursday, Tukwila police said Uribe-Beltran was part of their department. She served as the chief of police of their police explorer program.

The police department released a statement, saying:

"She dedicated countless hours to bettering the lives of others and supporting the Tukwila community. Amairani was also a long-term seasonal employee with the Parks & Recreation Department and an AmeriCorps volunteer in emergency management with the Tukwila Fire Department. We are hurting and mourning as a police department, city and community during this trying time. Amairani's loss to us all is immeasurable. She was truly a wonderful, kind, caring and loving person that wanted to make our community a better place for all. She was always there for our officers to lend a kind ear, explain her generations lingo and trends to our unhip officers and always had a positive outlook in everything she did. Our condolences to her family and friends during this trying time. We will have more information as to how the public can help out her family as it becomes available."

Video from the suspect's car, 17-year-old Sukhman Rai, shows the moments before police say a street race in Tukwila caused the fatal crash. Rai was racing another car while his brother live-streamed before hitting a woman and her infant inside another car, head-on. In the video, you can hear the impact. Rai was arrested and charged with vehicular homicide and vehicular assault.

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