1 man shot, 4 officers injured after protests in Olympia take violent turn

OLYMPIA, Wash. — Extremists from both ends of the political spectrum clashed three times Saturday afternoon near the Washington State Capitol in Olympia. Officials said more than 100 officers responded, with representation from the Thurston County Sheriff’s Department and Washington State Patrol.

Filmmaker Robert Zerfing said he was right in the middle of it all.

“At one point, everyone just sort of rushed.”

Zerfing said he’s a member of the far-right group Patriot. “They started just bashing cars as they were trying to leave. They were heading with clubs, bats, throwing rocks, bricks, all sorts of stuff,” said Zerfing.

Cellphone video showed protestors using a type of pepper spray as well as getting punched, kicked and hit by objects thrown at them.

According to Olympia Police, four arrests were made and four officers were injured during the demonstrations. Authorities said one person was shot and a suspect is now in custody.