• Legally blind woman taunted and attacked on Metro Bus

    By: David Ham


    Seattle - A legally blind woman told Metro Police that she was taunted, spit on and punched while riding a Metro bus through Rainier Beach last Monday.

    Court documents state that Kimberly Leavy is accused of malicious harassment and assault in the fourth degree.

    Witnesses said Leavy spoke gibberish before boarding the bus, and then called to women in burkas the "n-word."

    The victim told detectives she is legally blind, meaning she can distinguish colors and shapes.

    When the victim sat down on the bus with a white and red cane, witnesses said Leavy told her "There is the blind b----- again."

    The victim responded, "Not you, again."

    The victim later told detectives that Leavy had taunted her several times before on the route.

    The King County Sheriff's Office deploys Metro Police officers to patrol the buses.

    Sgt. Cindi West said, "To have an attack on a disabled passenger like this is pretty rare."

    West added, "Route 7 is unfortunately one of the routes we have more officers assigned to."

    From 1999 to 2007 Route 7 has also had the most attacks on Metro bus drivers.

    West said most of the crimes committed on Route 7 buses are people drinking and smoking or loitering on the bus.

    Route 7 runs from Downtown Seattle to Rainier Beach.

    "This is the most unruly bus in the whole metro system. It just is," said Steven Lang who rides a Route 7 bus every day. He is also disabled.

    Court documents also outline that when Leavy was told to get off the bus, she got up and spit in the victim's face. That's when the victim put the end of her cane in Leavy's back. Leavy then allegedly started attacking the victim, grabbing her by her hair and repeatedly punching her in the back of her head and face.

    She also stepped on the victim's glasses, according to police.

    Leavy is being held on $50,000 bond in the King County Jail.

    In the past, she's been convicted of second degree assault with a deadly weapon, fourth degree assault -- domestic violence and prostitution.

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