Landlord: Provide dog stool sample or be evicted

The landlord of a Burnaby, British Columbia, apartment building is demanding dog owners provide a stool sample of their dogs feces or face eviction, CTV News in Vancouver reported.
This isn't the first time doggy DNA has been an issue in complexes where owners fail to scoop.
A company called PooPrints based in Knoxville, Tennessee, says its DNA testing for dog waste is taking off in the Seattle area and across the country.
Nick Boosalis, a distributor for the company, told KIRO 7 last month that 26 Seattle apartment buildings, condo complexes and homeowners associations have signed up for the service.
The service allows building management to take a sample of dog waste and match it to the owner who didn't bother to scoop their dog's waste.
Boosalis says it costs $39.95 for initial DNA testing of a dog. The owner would have to swab the dog's cheek and send in the sample. If building management wants to test the dog's waste, the company would take a sample of the waste and send it to the company, which charges $87 for that service.
In the Burnaby case, pet owners received letters this weekend asking that stool samples be put into a Ziploc bag so it could be sent for analysis against poop found in the building, CTV reported.
"Refusal is not an option, rather admission of guilt, and reason for immediate eviction, as the law is on our side," the letter read.

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