New name hopes to stir new support and funding for 42-mile trail project through East King County

A push is on to complete a major trail to rail project previously known as the "Eastside Rail Corridor.”

The new name is “Eastrail” and the hope is it will generate even more public support and funding.

“It’s a big vision and it’s going to take a lot,” said Katy Terry, the acting director of the King County Parks & Recreation Division.

“The idea is to create support in a general sense as well as being able to build up the whole 42-mile trail.”

The trail will start from Gene Coulon Park in Renton and runs through Bellevue, Kirkland, Redmond and north into Woodinville and Snohomish County.

Aside from a new name, a new regional partnership was also announced Saturday.

The project was slated to cost well over $200 million. If approved by voters in King County in August, about $50 million of that would come in the form of a replacement levy for King County Parks.

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“It’s a good investment. It’s my opinion,” said Lyuda Kizer, whose son lives and works in Redmond.

Other people we talked to in this community agree and want to see a more extensive trail finished, sooner than later.

“It has an impact on traffic and also just better living and people are more healthy. So, why not?” said Redmond resident, Annie Desaulniers.

Currently, there’s no set date for the completion of the project, but the hope is to have a trail to connect to 4 of the 10 light rail stations Sound Transit plans to open by 2023.