• Hundreds protest Shell Oil plan for Seattle waterfront

    By: Deborah Horne


    SEATTLE - The anti-Shell Oil protesters began their march to the Port of Seattle offices just after 4 o’clock Sunday, to make their demand that the multi-national oil company not be allowed to base its drilling operation at Seattle's Terminal 5.

    Their protest began two hours earlier. 

    It made for an impressive sight -- hundreds lining the waterfront -- galvanized by what they contend is one of the most pressing issues of our time.

    "If we stop it now," said Steve Xu. "Then we stop arctic drilling."

    Twenty-year-old Xu, a University of Washington student, is typical of those the issue seems to be touching.  

    So many people in the crowd were in their teens and 20s. 

    "With a community that is united around this idea," said Xu. "We can really stop the drilling. And as more people come on, more people will become passionate about it."

    The prospect of Seattle being so close to drilling in the Arctic came home for protesters nearly a month ago when the Oil Rig the Polar Pioneer arrived in Port Angeles.

    But Seattle's Terminal 5 is its final destination.

    This new generation of protesters says it is time to say no.

    "Because it's in our power to travel rockets to the moon," said Derek Frank, a 27-year-old Seattle Law School student. "We should be able to be driving around using some sort of different energy than fossil fuels today. There's no excuse."

    The activists say they will be protesting Shell's plans again the weekend of May 16th.

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