• Hope solo sister, nephew break silence about alleged assault

    By: Deborah Horne


    Kirkland, Wash. - Teresa Obert describes a violent night inside her Kirkland home June 2014, that landed her half-sister, women's soccer superstar Hope Solo, in jail. 
    "We needed help," said Obert.  "We couldn't stop her.  We needed help."
    It began, she says, with Solo sitting in her vehicle in their driveway, drinking.

    "We convinced her to come inside so she wouldn't drink and drive, " said Obert. "And all went from there."
    Christian Obert, who had just turned 17, says Solo began putting him down.

    "It was just real stupidity and like, violent conversation for no reason," he said.

    So he asked Solo to leave. When she got to the garage, he said, "She had a big punch that sort of grazed me across the chin.  And then I pushed her back into a filing cabinet. And from there, she lunged at me again and it went to the floor."
    "She tackled him again and grabbed his head and kept slamming him into the cement," said Teresa Obert.  "Over and over. And his ear was bleeding, his nose was bleeding. So I got behind and I pulled with all my might to get her off of him."
    Then, she says, Solo went after her.
    "She started punching me in the face," said Teresa Obert. "Over and over again. And I spit out a piece of tooth."
    With both of them bruised and bleeding, she asked her son to call 911.  

    "It wasn't to get her in trouble," said Teresa. "It wasn't for all of this. And if she just would have said sorry and taken the plea and got herself help, this would be over. But we continue on because she continues to lie."
    It has, she says, torn her family apart.
    "Definitely," said Obert, nodding her head.  "I mean, we'll never speak again."
    Last Friday, a King County Superior Court judge reversed a municipal court judge and reinstated the assault charges against Solo.
    Solo's attorney promises to appeal.

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