• Family dog mauled; owner calling for criminal charges

    By: Gary Horcher


    LAKE FOREST PARK, Wash. - A Lake Forest Park dog owner is calling for charges against a neighbor, after his dog was mauled and nearly killed by the neighbor's Alaskan malamute.

    The owner of the injured dog told KIRO 7 it's been attacked by the same larger dog three separate times. 

    The badly injured 11-year-old Jack Russell terrier was attacked Sunday night, just steps from his owner's front door, after the malamute wandered onto the property.

    "He's in a lot of pain, and it's hard to see your own dog cry," said Nicayla Bush, who owns the terrier, named Tucker.

    After emergency surgery, Tucker's vet says it's a miracle he's alive at all.

    The Bush's home surveillance video tells the whole story. The Alaskan malamute and a collie walk onto the Bush's property.

    Tucker, on his own porch, is suddenly attacked and viciously shaken by the Malamute. 

    "That dog weighs 120 pounds," said Bush. "Obviously it's very vicious and likes to attack my dog, even though my dog was sitting on the doorstep hiding from him," she said.

    The video shows when Tucker was released, he howled and barked until the dogs left.

    "This is is the third time this has happened with this dog," said Tyler Bush.

    Public records indicate that malamute's owner has been cited by animal control, and paid vet bills for attacking Tucker before.

    When a KIRO 7 crew went to the malamute owner's house the collie seen on the video was there, but the owner was not, and neither was the malamute.

    "The guy won't talk to us," said Nicayla Bush. "He won't answer the door when you knock on the door, he won't answer the cops when the cops went to his door, nothing!"

    Now, facing a $4,000 vet bill and a long road to recovery, the Bushes are certain of only one thing;

    "I think the dog should get taken away from its owner,"said Taylor.<who is this?  Tyler Bush?

    Nicayla Bush added, "Clearly, he can't take care of it and handle the animal, so he shouldn't have one.''

    KIRO 7 is reaching out to both police and animal control officers, in an effort to find out what actions are being taken against the malamute's owner.

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