• After failed auction, Edith Macefield home for sale, sans liens


    SEATTLE - The Ballard house made famous by a woman who refused to sell to developers is on the market.

    Balloons line the fence outside Edith Macefield's old home at 1438 Northwest 46th Street, which is sandwiched between commercial buildings.

    The 86-year old refused to sell it until the day she died in 2008, even turning down an offer for $1 million.

    The anonymous seller is requiring whoever buys it to find a way to honor Macefield at the site.

    That should be good news to supporters, who have been stopping by the home.

    "She just stuck to her guns and she didn't want to (sell) even though she could have made a ton of money," said Seattle woman Liz Sunan.

    The house was up for auction two weeks ago, but nobody wanted to assume the $300,000 in liens.

    Those liens have been dropped from the new listing.

    A broker for the seller says the home will go to the person who makes the best offer.

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