Teen killed at Kirkland park identified, mother shares her grief

VIDEO: Teen shot, killed at Kirkland park

Family members say Cyrus Mason, 18, was shot and killed at Houghton Beach Park on Wednesday evening. Mason was on the dock with some friends around 8:15 pm when he was shot.

Witness told police they heard multiple shots and saw two people run away. Investigators say the shooting wasn’t random, and they’re trying to determine why the parties were meeting at the park.

Mason who moved from Idaho about a year ago, after finishing high school. He turned 18 in June. His family says he was working as a painter at Microsoft.

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Sarahnova Mason wants her son’s killers caught. “He’s such an extremely amazing young man and his life was stolen from us,” said Mason, “He came from the country and went to the city and got killed.”

Kirkland Police do not think the shooting was random, the believe the parties were meeting at the park, but did not elaborate.

People at the park witnessed the shooting and are working with detectives to come up with a description of gunmen.

“He was gunned down in cold blood, hanging out with his friends on the dock, getting shot,” said Mason. “He would never hurt a soul he has the biggest heart.”

They are looking for the public’s help.

The victim’s family hopes anyone who witnessed the shooting, or has information that will help investigators, will contact police.

Kirkland Police say the  detective can be contacted at 425-587-3505.