Seattle Seahawks

Seahawks players and alumni respond to the end of the Pete Carroll era

Several current and former Seattle Seahawks took to social media to express their feelings about the recent departure of head coach Pete Carroll.

Former starting QB Russell Wilson called Carroll “one of the greatest ever.”

Doug Baldwin, Jr. said, “I’ve had the privilege of being around a lot of incredible coaches in my lifetime. The best ones knew that they were more than just a coach. They knew that they were role models and a significant influence in the lives of the young people they had the honor of coaching.”

Jimmy Graham said, “Hard to believe anyone else will be the hawks head coach. I’m grateful I was able to experience a man like you as my leader. I’ll never forget being wheeled out of a hospital alone at 3 am and seeing you with your wife still waiting to give me a hug. Thank you for everything.”

Richard Sherman spoke on his podcast saying he was surprised by the decision. “I did not see this coming.”

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