Seattle Sounders

“Ted Lasso” writes personal messages to US Men’s National Team on hometown billboards; 2 in Seattle

“Ted Lasso” has written personal motivational messages for every member of the U.S. Men’s National Team going to the World Cup and put them on individual billboards in their hometowns and there are two in Seattle.

The billboard, located on 4th Avenue South, just south of Holgate in the SODO neighborhood, says:


When you first broke onto the scene, I was blown away by your sheer speed and talent. I’m sure you know all about bein’ blown away being from Seattle and all. Lotta gloomy days but the thing about you is that you don’t let anyone rain on your parade. Precipitation and perseverance are two of your specialties. Maybe just focus on the second one when you’re playing in the big games. Rain or shine I’ll be rootin’ for you!

Gimme some Morris,

Ted Lasso

DeAndre Yedlin, a right-back form Inter Miami, was born in Seattle and played with Sounders FC in 2013. His billboard has been spotted on 2nd Avenue, between Pine and Pike.

It reads:


You’re taken seize the moment to the next level. Every step of your career you’ve stepped up. Power-climbing your way up the ladder of success. Not only are you quick on your feet, you get fresh cuts faster than a lawnmower on rocket fuel. I’m talkin’ about that everchanging hairdo of yours. You’re a leader on the field and in the barber chair. You and the USMNT are a cut above the rest and I can’t wait to see y’all chop through the competition at the big games. Maybe I’ll even part my hair the other way in your honor… maybe.

Hairdo your best,

Ted Lasso

A billboard for Sounders FC’s midfielder Cristian Roldan was also spotted in his hometown of Pico Rivera, California, on the side of his alma mater, El Rancho High School.

Other billboards have been spotted around the country: